New Age Technology Training Modules 

A detailed “New Age Technology Training Module Framework” will be developed and, following pilot testing in Partner Countries, will be widely distributed for use by training institutions with the expectation that they will adapt/modify the modules to suit their organizational and cultural needs. This Training Framework will provide an outline of what an New Age Technology training programme should look like and what it should contain in order to support and develop the European technology sector.

The Training Modules will be launched in September 2018.

Training Modules

Pilot Testing - Training Modules

The purpose of the pilot testing is to gain a broad overview of the course itself. We do not want to test your knowledge of the subject matter.

Rather we are looking for an evaluation of ease of use of the material - whether the structure, length, depth of the material will, in your opinion meet the aims of the programme.

We really value your opinions and suggestions on how we can improve the course.

ROTENA - Pilot testing in Portugal - March 2018

Pilot testing in Portugal - March 2018